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Now it is as appropriate to have a professional life and career coach as it is to have a personal trainer or therapist.

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"Choose an occupation that pulls at your heart strings, not just your purse strings."

Mind Matters

Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (PNI) is the scientific study of the effects of the mind on the body, and its effects on health and healing. A fundamental premise of Psychoneuro- immunology helps you to be an optimistic person who has clear objectives, has found a purpose and a sense of control in your life. You will also experience a vitalising influence on body structure and function. Our state of mind - positive or negative - plays a critical role in our physical well being.

In the United States, the United Kingdom and now in South Africa, thousands of people have a professional coach who teaches them how to become more productive, speed up learning curves, get advice on how to set up businesses, enhance performance and sort out personal problems.

Part mentor, therapist, business consultant and supportive friend, Dr Kris as a Life and Career Coach advises on strategies for dealing, not only with your boss, but your parents, your siblings, or your spouse and bereavement, and how to master stress - Find out  how a Career Coach can change your Life!

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